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Some Trail Cam Photo's from the Areas.

double beam buck 2.png
Large whitetail buck that is still alive for 2018.
A trophy whitetail buck that is still alive for 2018 deer seaon.
This trophy buck made it through the season for 2018!
This foggy morning deer has a large body and antlers to match.
Up and coming nice whitetail buck for next year.
This is a picture of the crab claw buck.  We have many nice pictures of this big deer.
Hart County Kentucky is known for double main beam bucks like this one.
This old deer has a nice thick trophy rack.
It's a night picture, but you can still tell he's a huge 8 point buck.
Other video show how wide this young deer is.  Should be  whopper on a 2018 deer hunt.
Nice stud of a buck in a food plot during the Kentucky rut.
This old Kentucky whitetail deer has some mass on his rack.

Past Success Photos

The Drop Tine Buck, AKA the Totten Buck, a monster deer kill with a bow here at KY Heartland Outfitters.
This is a picture of the King 8 buck, a great 8 pointer killed by Bryan Rizor.
A whopper non-typical buck killed by Brian Miller.
This is a picture of a 13 point buck killed by Kink on a guided whitetail deer hunt.
A big whitetail buck from last year that got huge this year.
A huge drop tine buck.  This is an amazing deer.
Two huge bucks seen together at a deer feeder at KY Heartland Outfitters.
This old buck may be going down-hill.  Looks like he will have some nice mass with stickers at the bases.
A new 10 pointer that showed up at a salt lick.
A side view of the older 10 point buck.
This is an 8 point buck that may be a shooter with a bow.  Archery hunting velvet bucks should be fun this year.
A side view picture of the 8 point whitetail buck deer.
Picture of a new big 8 point whitetail buck that showed up in KY.
Picture of two new trophy whitetail deer bucks at the best Kentucky outfitter.
The huge drop tine buck is still around!
This is "King 8"with his velvet off.  He's an impressive 8 point whitetail buck deer for any outfitter.
Here is a nice 9 point whitetail dee with a kicker point.
This is a nice tall eight point buck that showed up recetly.
Side view of the 9 point buck with a stiker point.
A nice 9 point whitetail deer at KY Heartland Outfitters.

2015-16 Photos and Videos

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