Owner / Seller financing is offered as a way to purchase your dream property.  This is accomplished through a contract for deed.  For most properties it can be paid off or refinanced at any time.  Minimum down payment is 5%.

Financing is offered at a fixed 12% interest with a 5% down payment.  For larger properties over 50 acres, loan terms can be up to 30 years, depending on your desired monthly payment.  For smaller properties, be sure to inquire about the options.  We can typically offer 20 year loans on most any property.

If paying over 30% down,  11% Interest will apply.

A $200 closing fee will be applied in addition to loan terms if using owner financing.  Property taxes will be added to and collected through the monthly payments and will be paid to the county by KY Whitetail Land Co.   

A $60,000 property financed for 20 years is a $3,000 down payment, and monthly payments of $640/month including taxes.

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