Owner / Seller financing is offered as a way to purchase your dream property.  This is accomplished through a contract for deed.  For most properties it can be paid off or refinanced at any time.  Minimum down payment is 5%.


*All new clients will be required to temporarily lease the property and make payments on time for 6 months before a contract for deed is executed.  If all payments are made on time, the 5% security deposit will be converted to your down payment.  Your payments will remain the same.  If you do not make all payments on time, the 5% deposit will be returned after all fees, damages or expenses owed are deducted.  There is NO cost difference in any way.  This simply helps reduce paperwork from buyers wanting to buy a different or multiple lots in the first months, along with several other issues that often happen in the first few months.  This helps keep costs lower for all of our valued customers.

Financing is offered at a fixed 12% interest with a 5% down payment with a 20 year promissory note.  For larger properties over 50 acres, loan terms can be up to 30 years, depending on your desired monthly payment. 

If paying over 30% down or purchasing multiple tracts, the rate may be adjusted slightly at our discretion.  

Property taxes are added to and collected through the monthly payments and will be paid to the county by KY Whitetail Land Co.   

A $60,000 property financed for 20 years requires a $3,000 down payment, and monthly payments of approximately $640/month including taxes.