This outstanding deer hunting property in Cumberland County, KY between Burkesville and Columbia offers creeks along many borders, many fields and food plots, a great road system, pinch points, and a management plan in place the past 20 years by the same landowner to grow trophy bucks.  Wildlife ponds are spread throughout.
If you search your GPS for "White Hill Church, Breeding, KY" it will take you to the gated entrance road.  An appointment is needed to show you around.  This farm is enormous and you'll need to be shown property corners and roads, and to open gate.
This property has it all and is on a main highway only 10-15 minutes from Columbia, KY and Burkesville, Kentucky.  These tracts are off the highway and are access by a 50' wide private road system. Roads are generally very level ridge top roads, partially graveled and some remain dirt, giving good access to all tracts, but requiring four-wheel-drive in some weather conditions.  


Tract 14B:  - $96,000 - 52 Acres m/l: This tract features 3-4 nice food plots areas, potential off-grid cabin sites, and great pinch points for deer.  A large 6' tower blind overlooks one of the plots, and some newer 2 man ladder stands are installed.  This "end of the road" tract has a good trail system.  Lots of shallow water creek frontage at the back next to the neighboring fields offers a beautiful water source for wildlife and hunting.  Property is hills and hollows, elevation changes are around 100-150', not 200+ feet like much of Southern KY.  Some hillsides are steep.  Timber cruise shows $45k in timber value to the buyer (select cut).  Property is around 1.8 miles off the highway along a shared private graveled roadway that is gentle and not steep.

TRACT 14A and B
Aerial photo of hunting property for sale with creek frontage in southern Kentucky.
1000 Acre Original Property Topo and Aerial View (Before newer divisions)
Topo Map showing deer hunting land for sale in Adair County, KY.
Land Pictures
Deer hunting food plot on a tract for sale.
Elevated deer hunting blind.
A field on whitetal deer hunting land for sale.
A wildlife pond for deer and turkey hunting with a deer stand behind it.
Deer hunting blind on land for sale with seller financing.
A wildlife pond on land fo sale.
A turkey hunting trail through the woods.
A large field to build a house or cabin.


Tract 1, SOLD:  10.7 acres at the entrance would make an ideal home site.  The church building is not part of the tract.  It is not in-use, but the grounds are well maintained and the road is paved for several hundred yards.

Tract 2, SOLD:  This 71 acres features a mobile home with county water, electric and propane central air.  It has 2 large bedrooms with bunk beds and two full baths.  It has a large covered deck on the front and a large deck on the back also.  A large barn and large surrounding fields offer complete privacy.  8.5 acres is open with the balance being wooded with creeks.  You could live here, use it while building your dream home, or as a hunting lodge.  Some pictures of the lodge are included at the bottom of this page.

Tract 3:  SOLD 18 acres at the entrance would make an ideal home or business site near the church.  The church building is not in-use, but the grounds are well maintained and the road is paved for several hundred yards.  

Tract 4:  SOLD  10.5 acres with a 3/4 acre field on the side of the highway would  make a nice home or business site.  This lot is relatively flat compared to most and the field could be enlarged also.

Tract 5:  SOLD 21 acres with 2.5 acres open.  Ideal private home site with area to build a pond and lots of room to hunt.  The driveway was recently dozed out and rocked.

Tract 6:  SOLD 22.4 acres with 2.8 acres open.  Ideal private home site with area to build a pond and lots of room to hunt.  Lot includes an existing small wildlife pond.  The gated entrance drive from the highway is 100 yards long and would just need a few loads of gravel to build. 

Tract 7 SOLD 26 acres with 4 acres open would make a great site for a home or hunting cabin.  Electric would only be a couple of poles away if desired.

Tract 8:   SOLD This 26 acre tract includes 2 food plots on separate ridges and a small wildlife pond.  Great place to build a cabin and hunt!  Electric isn't far away if wanting to build.

Tract 9A, SOLD  This 26.3 acre tract includes 2.5 open acres set up as ideal food plots, a perfect potential cabin site next to a wildlife pond, and lots of creek branch frontage on the south-west border.

Tract 9B, SOLD:  This 19.3 acre tract includes a large 4.2 acre field, rich in clover, that's over 300 yards long and makes an ideal food plot.  It is always full of deer and turkeys.  There's an additional separate small open area that would be a great spot to install a cabin, and creek branch frontage at the south-west border.

Tract 10, SOLD :  This 47 acre tract has several food plots and over a half mile of creek frontage.  Ideal cabin sites also.

Tract 11,  SOLD, 26 Acres:  This 26 acres includes a nice smaller 1/4 acre field at the entrance for a cabin or food plot site.  A long ridge top through the tract has amazing views.  Hills in this area are moderately steep.  It is WAY back and end of the road.

Tract 15A, 35.3 Acres:  This tract is completely wooded and priced accordingly.  Although it's close to several larger fields, there are no fields or food plots currently on the tract.  You could put a cabin in the woods and hunt the hills and hollers at a low price!

Tract 15B, 39.2 Acres:  This tract has a 1/4 acre opening perfect for an off grid cabin.  The rest is wooded hills and hollows.  It's not as far back as many tracts, but it would take a large investment to extend electric at this time.  Electric may get closer over time.

Tract 16A SOLD, 6.8 Acres:  This 6.8 acres of land includes a small 1/4 acre field perfect for an off grid cabin or home, with enough room for a deer stand or two!  It's about halfway back from the highway, making access easier than some other tracts further back

.Tract 16B, SOLD: 37 Acres:  Includes a 1/4 acre field for an off grid cabin or deer and turkey hunting food plot.  There are several ridge fingers that would make good hunting sites throughout.

Tract 16C, SOLD, 64 acres:  ATTENTION HUNTERS!!!  64 acres of land at the end of the road, includes a 3 acre field you could plant in anything imaginable, another food plot and lots of creek frontage at the back next to adjoining fields.  You really want to look at this one up close if you want a larger piece of land!  Some timber was lightly select cut, while some remains in mature hardwood timber creating the perfect blend of food, cover and huntability.  

Tract 17: 63 acres includes several nice food plots and owns both side of the creek, allowing you to hunt the flat creek bottom pinch points also.  It's also the end of the road with no through traffic and has a great trail system!
Tract 18A, SOLD:  19.2 Acres includes two small  field around 3/4 acre, with plenty of room to hunt or ride ATV's in the woods behind it.  Electric is not currently at the property but should be nearby soon.  The road will be rocked up to this tract soon.

Tract 18B,  SOLD:  23.3 Acres includes a nice sized field around 3/4 acre, with plenty of room to hunt or ride ATV's in the woods behind it.  The road will be rocked up to the entrance.  Electric is not currently at the property but could be nearby soon.  Comes with a large enclosed tripod blind pictured.  Other smaller food plots also.

Tract 18C, SOLD:  23.3 acres includes a nice food plot.  Mostly wooded with a trail all along the West perimeter leading to several ridge fingers to hunt or enjoy.  

Tract 19A, SOLD: 14.3 Acres at the front of Tract 19 includes a field that would make a great cabin site or home site if electric is extended, plus just enough wooded land to hunt, atv ride or whatever your desires

Tract 19B:  TIMBER!  36 acres M/L includes a food plot or ideal cabin site.  It includes a ridge at the NW corner (originally part of Tract 1).  This ridge contains around $30k in timber value and has some of the best hunting around!  The adjacent property was logged hard making lots of cover on the north edge.  Mostly wooded with Ridge Road 1 along the East Perimeter and creek frontage at the back.   The timber is hard to access, but could pay for much of the tract if you decided to get it out.  

Tract 19C, SOLD:  33 acres M/L includes a food plot or ideal cabin site.  Covers both sides of the creek so you can hunt the creek bottom funnel.  The creek is not near the road or where you'd most likely want a cabin.  The hill down to the creek is steep.  Mostly wooded and near the end of Ridge Road 1.  Gravel could be extended to this tract if desired.   

Tract 20,  SOLD:  21 acres near the entrance includes a nice sized 2.5 acre field with surrounding ridges to hunt, and several potential home sites.  Getting electric to this property would not be hard to do.

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