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Kentucky Whitetail Land Company offers properties for sale in many of the top trophy buck counties in Kentucky.   Many of these properties have been owned for years and transformed into perfect whitetail and turkey hunting habitat.  They are now being offered for sale with Seller Financing!  We just had too much to keep up with and not enough time, and wanted to downsize.  These whitetail dream properties are now for sale!  We also now buy some larger properties to resell in smaller tracts for homesteading and country living.

The company is​ owned and managed by Wesley Collins, an avid trophy bow hunter with decades of experience.  He has a passion for designing and converting properties to be prime hunting with planted food plots laid out just right and managed timber.  

Kentucky is known for great deer genetics, low hunting pressure, and over the counter tags. There is a 1 buck limit for all seasons combined in Kentucky.  This low bag limit, combined with ideal ratios of heavy cover and open land, has made it a top hunting state.  

This QDMA map shows a combined decade of B&C and P&Y trophy buck entries per county.  The darker the county, the more trophy bucks were registered.  We are in the top KY counties!  

Small Map.jpg

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