Guided:  All hunts are guided with lodging.  We will help you choose the best place to hunt.  We will either drop you off near the deer stand, or if you prefer and have already been to that deer stand before, you can go to the site if you brought your own pickup and ATV.  If you do this, you will have to remain in the area assigned.  

We help recover and quarter all deer.  Basic meat processing is not included but can be done if desired.  We don't go to the stand with you.  Once you make the shot, please text your guide so we can plan the recovery.  If you don't see the deer down within sight don't track it alone.  Kentucky hunting licenses must be purchased separately.  One guide is typically responsible for 2-3 hunters.

How We Hunt:  Hunting dates and hunt lengths can be found on our Dates & Rates page, and last for 4 days which means no one has been hunting for several days when you arrive.  Only one hunter per 200 acres is allowed at a time, giving you a chance to hunt unpressured whitetails in the best KY counties.  All hunters will typically go to the same farm on a certain day so there's no pressure on the other farms you'll be hunting the next day.  Properties are located in Hardin and Hart counties! 


We hunt from deer stands, blinds, and even climbers if you are able.  No hunting is allowed on our properties until the rut kicks into gear to ensure an unpressured deer herd when the rut kicks off.  

During rut hunts, you will be stepping into what the deer think is a refuge where big bucks still move in the daylight, just as the rut kicks off!  Gun season will start in the peak of the pre-rut with only a few days of bow hunting in the previous week and still unpressured.  

As the rut winds down, the post-rut is also one of our favorite times to hunt. Unpressured big bucks will come into our corn, brassica and and clover plots to re-feed the last few days of gun season and look for any remaining does and are typically very visible on the second gun hunt.  


Late season muzzleloader also offers a chance to see a mature buck feeding and is great for taking a doe to fill the freezer while you're here.  Archery hunting is also allowed on any hunts if preferred.

Turkey:  If you want to come back and turkey hunt all those gobblers you saw the following Spring, we do offer some of the best turkey hunting in the country.