This property contains 203 acres.  This is an outstanding timber property with a lot of current and future value, plus hands-down one of the best hunting properties in Kentucky.

This 203 acres in famous Upton, Hardin County, KY, off George Tabb Rd is one of the best by far.  It's like a peninsula of woods surrounded by open fields for miles, so all the deer stay here or move through.  It also lays in an L shape so is easily 3/4 mile in either direction.  Better yet, nobody even hunts the land around it on most sides!


Surround by fields on some sides and non-hunted properties on many sides, it's a complete dream for the serious hunter.  5 food plots and some small ponds were installed a few years ago, and most all bucks have been passed for 6 years.

Timber was very lightly logged to make sure it didn't get too thick, but had cover and food for deer and turkey.  There is around $1k/acre in current timber value that will be growing fast in these great soils and likely to double within 15 years.  It's not a "steep" property at all and at one time had many smaller fields.  It's accessed by a short graveled easement road which can be accessed in any weather.  The easement does allow for utilities if you decide to build.

This property is a dream.  It's for sale at $3,200 per acre if buying it all ($650k).  We have MUCH cheaper land available, this one is for someone who appreciates the value and future timber return.  It can be sold with timber reserved at a lower price.  I recently hunted here and saw 18 gobblers in a 1 acre food plot.  Big bucks everywhere.  It's just ridiculous!  There are a couple of buck pics below from the 2019 season.

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