We require $500 down with booking to reserve your spot.  The remaining balance should be paid by check in the mail at least 1 month before your scheduled hunt.  (Returning Hunters can book with a $200 check in mail).  Deposits are non-refundable but we can reschedule your hunt if something happens.  Our Four-day hunts are 5 nights so you can rest before your trip home.  

To book a hunt after talking with us, please use the "Buy Now" button below to pay the deposit.  No PayPal account is needed, just click "Pay Now with Credit or Debit Card" near the bottom of the page that opens.  We will send you an invoice showing the hunt you have booked and the remaining balance due at least 1 month prior to the hunt.  Alternately, checks may be made out to "KY Heartland Outfitters" and sent to 219 S. Cole Ridge Dr, Shepherdsville, KY  40165.  We can also take cards over the phone.

Rut Archery:  $3,000

Nov 3-6, 2018

*The most popular time to archery hunt.  Bucks may be seeking or

full-out chasing depending on that year's timing and the weather.

Rut Gun:  $3,400

Nov 10-13, 2018

*Opening weekend is the prime time for gun hunters.  Deer are usually

still chasing looking for the first does and covering a lot of ground,

so are very visible.

Post-Rut Gun (3 day):  $2,600

Nov 22-25, 2018

*After an extended period of being holed up in thick cover with does, the

big bucks typically reappear the last few days of gun season feeding heavily

and looking for any remaining does.  

Late Season/Second Rut Muzzleloader : $1,800

Dec 8-11, 2018

*This hunt is perfect for doe hunters who also want a chance at killing a big buck.  Older 

bucks aren't as active, but will come out with cold weather feeding for

winter.  It's also the time of the second rut which may spark some movement.

Spring Turkey 2018:  $1,200

April 14-17, 2018

*This is a 4-day hunt the opening weekend of Turkey season.  Please help with our

turkey problem, they are everywhere!  2 Gobbler Limit.

*3% Multi-Hunter Discount:  For groups of 2 or more hunters.

*Please tip your guides if you enjoyed yourself!

Minimum Sizes and Penalties:  Minimum antler size is 120" for Bow Hunting and 125" for Gun (Gross Score).  This is a MINIMUM, the target size should be 20" larger, there's plenty around.  However if you do shoot something smaller than this, there will be a $200 penalty for missing it by up to 10", and $500 if it's more than 10" below the minimum, with no hard feelings.  We understand mistakes happen.  Please research antler scoring before you come if you're not used to hunting trophy whitetails.  We will also look at several examples at the lodge.  If the owner determines the buck is at least 4.5 year old, no penalty will be enforced.

Archery Hunts are in the Bow Only period of Kentucky archery season.  Crossbows use requires an exemption from the Kentucky Department of Wildlife for persons with qualifying physical disabilities.

When you arrive at camp, you will be required to sign this liability waiver.  It's posted here for your review prior to booking.

To pay deposit now with credit or debit card, click the "Buy Now" button.  Choose "Pay with Debit or Credit Card".  No Paypal account needed.